Visiometa offers unique and innovative software for the planning of casting processes. Within a very short time, users can analyze and modify the cast part using intuitive techniques. Our specialized toolkit also helps to design gating and feeding systems with regard to safe mold filling and controlled solidification. No prior experience with CAD tools or simulation technology is required.

Our revolutionary approach to process planning results in significantly less validation effort by avoiding unnecessary trial-and-error loops. This makes the preparation of a qualified delivery quotation quick and easy, creating a decisive competitive advantage.

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Product Features

Our products are aimed equally at foundries, pattern and mold makers, casting designers and purchasing managers. Find out how Visiometa can enrich your company as well.

Modulus Calculation

Visiometa® calculates a 3D modulus field based on the geometric properties of the casting, which allows the user to find isolated solidifying areas and to predict the occurrence of shrinkage holes.

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Gating and Feeding Design

Visiometa® provides a comprehensive set of parametric modeling components that help the user to design the gating and feeding system with very little time and effort, according to robust engineering criteria.

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Sculpting Toolkit

Visiometa® includes a highly intuitive sculpting toolkit that can be used for tweaking the shape of the casting to ensure controlled solidification and reduce the number of necessary feeders.

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Constructive Solid Geometry

Visiometa® enables all users, regardless of their prior CAD skills, to quickly create chills, cores or cooling channels by combining a variety of parameterized solids with simple boolean operations.

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Solidification Simulation

Visiometa® is equipped with a full-fledged simulation of the solidification process using thermophysical data and other process parameters, while remaining amazingly easy to use.

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Material Database

Visiometa® incorporates an arbitrarily expandable and customizable database for materials and substances that can be used for pricing, process design and simulation.

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Geometric Analysis

Visiometa® can run a series of geometric algorithms on the casting to compute local wall thickness, detect undercuts, determine draft angles, and reveal the medial axis.

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Plugins and Scripting

Visiometa® implements an open software architecture that enables advanced users to customize their work environment and to develop their own features based on our framework using the Python scripting language.

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Model Data Exchange

Visiometa® embeds an industry-standard modeling kernel that enables data exchange via major neutral CAD file formats such as STEP, IGES, and STL, providing the best possible interoperability.

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Project Workspaces

Visiometa® uses the latest real-time rendering technology and a well-structured user interface to create an engaging development environment and the smoothest possible workflow.

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software that adapts to your requirements

Product Editions

Visiometa is available in three different editions to optimally meet the varying requirements of customers. Find out which feature package best suits your needs from the overview below.

Today's foundrymen need the full range of functionality offered by our software, from the fast modulus analysis and the intuitive sculpting toolkit to the parametric design of complete gating and feeding systems.

Component designers and foundries with their own CAD department need an easy-to-use and reliable tool for diverse geometric evaluations, process-oriented design and comprehensive documentation.

For direct and lossless data exchange with full license customers, we provide a free product version that allows anyone to view Visiometa project files and create powerful interactive presentations.


Solutions for everyone

Visiometa® offers both perpetual and term license options. The software is activated on the end-user machine either through a cloud-based system or a hardware dongle. Support and maintenance are generally provided for a fee and are included in all subscription models.

Cloud Activation

Using our online service, licenses can be easily managed and activated at any time, anywhere in the world.

Dongle Activation

To run the software without an internet connection, encrypted portable hardware keys can be deployed.

Floating License Model

Licenses can be shared by the entire team. Concurrent use is limited by the number of available licenses.

Named License Model

Licenses can be issued to one or more authorized individuals. User privileges are non-transferable.

Included Support Service

For customers with subscription-based time licenses, technical support is available 24/7 free of charge.

Supplemental Support Service

Maintenance service and technical support can also be purchased flexibly for a one-time fee or as a subscription.

The following overview shows the available licensing options for the currently offered editions. Definitions for the terms used are given above. Please contact us for more information.


Type Editions Duration Activation Model Support
perpetual license Max / Pro - cloud / dongle floating supplemental
annual license Max / Pro 12 months cloud / dongle floating included
monthly license Max / Pro 1 month cloud / dongle floating included
trial license Max 1 month cloud floating included
educational license Max 6 months cloud floating supplemental
free license Lite - cloud named supplemental

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