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Visiometa is the fruit of an exceptional interdisciplinary collaboration between engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. Our goal is nothing less than to drive the evolution of the foundry industry through innovation and rethinking. We want to make real-time process planning possible - for everyone.

Our products and services are available to the foundry industry worldwide. Together with our international research partners, we also work on developing the technologies of tomorrow.


Continuous development and innovation have their origin in ideas. If these open up the potential for successful implementation and market acceptance, we are ready to contribute our energy to make metal casting fit for the future.

As a German technology company, we are particularly committed to the transition towards a sustainable and resource-efficient industry. Our method enables a massive reduction in the amount of metal circulation and thus in the energy consumption of foundries.

The greatest energy and material savings can be achieved through robust component design tailored to the casting process. Every scrap part must be remelted and consequently adds to your environmental footprint. That is why Visiometa supports you already in the design phase to develop an optimal combination of functionality and castability.

Visiometa can quickly and easily visualize avoidable oversizing of gating and feeding systems. This allows you to realize the potential for sustainable reduction of material and energy consumption with each additional cast. The production margin can be significantly increased - ideally before the first pour!

Cooperations and Partner Companies


We are all better when we work together. That's why we are privileged to cooperate with our many international partner companies and organizations throughout the foundry industry.

What experts say about us


Visiometa is the key to seal pandora's box. Millions in launching costs are avoidable using this software. Anyone in doubt may give it a try.

Roman Viets, Lead Engineer at Audi AG

Without the speed of Visiometa, we would not be able to bring three new castings per day into production with the same technical reliability.

Sascha Nehr, Managing Director at Nehr+Saurer GmbH

With Visiometa, we can significantly shorten the development time for new permanent molds. Due to the very fast modulus calculation, we get an immediate statement for different models.

Alexander Mies, Managing Director at Miguss GmbH

We've used this software to great effect. Combining the design of castings using Prof. Campbell's research with modulus calculation and verification using Visiometa, we have achieved excellent first off casting results. It is a vital tool for us now!

Richard Seymour Wright, Technical & Manufacturing Executive at Alliance Connect Pty Ltd

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