Visiometa at GIFA 2019

by Andre Bergmann-Kremer

The International Foundry Trade Fair with Technical Forum in Düsseldorf took place for the 14th time between the 25th and 29th of June 2019. Four years after the 13th edition, more than 45000 people from almost 130 different countries went to the event to check what we have of the most modern and innovative technologies related to the foundry world. Around a thousand exhibitors from 48 different countries were present disclosing their products and ideas, including Visiometa's team.

The interest in Visiometa's new software was very high, which resulted in many interesting discussions.

The event was a great opportunity for Visiometa to introduce our brand new software to the foundry market. Our engineers have presented a case study for a sealing flange from an AUDI V12 TDI engine. It has been shown that with a quick and simple analysis using Visiometa, the gating and feeding system geometry could be easily modified in order to avoid shrinkage porosities and control the solidification process. In addition, the total cast weight could be reduced, increasing the yield and reducing production costs.

The Visiometa booth at GIFA 2019 - For the first time, our products and services were presented to a broad public.

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